Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time for mooncake adventure 1!

Since having kids, I have developed a craving for many sweet morsels, including mooncakes. Maybe it's because I miss the huge array of different mooncakes in South East Asia where one can select from ping pei, cantonese, teochew, ice-cream and the list goes on... Ahhh, and the exciting part of friends and aunties discussing who and where has the best selections each year.

I have only seen the mooncakes from China and Vietnam sold here at the asian market, and since I do not like egg yolks, I bought a box of the best no-yolk lotust paste mooncake last week to satisfy my sweet tooth.

However, it didn't curb my curiousity to make mooncakes. Two months ago, I had asked my cousin in Singapore and a good friend in HongKong to get me mooncake molds. I also went to to look at the ones available at the Wok Shop in San Francisco. I now a small selection of wooden mini mooncake molds and a large wooden one too. Thanks Bel and Rosie!

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