Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tot's Meal

My little ones wanted pasta, so I made mini penne with ground turkey in a light cream sauce, and served it with a combination of asparagus and peas that are cooked in broth, and added some stir-fried fresh mini corn from Guatemala. They also had peeled and seeded jumbo red grapes for dessert.

Naan and Chicken Curry

Made naan bread and curry. Spicy! Hubs enjoyed it. Used the breadmaker to knead the bread, followed by cooking it in a non-stick pan. Served with Indian chicken curry and green beans, with a chilled glass of white wine. Thanks jadepearl for your naan recipe!

So many paus...

My first try in chicken pau (or bao, depending on one's dialect preference.)
Thank you Connie, and LCOM's intro to Connie's recipe site. at Jo Deli's Forum. Used the direct pau method, and it was very good. Such a wonderful start to my first blog! Thank you Connie!
For anyone interested, here's the link to Jo Deli's Forum for Connie's recipe at
Will definitely make this pau recipe again!