Friday, September 22, 2006

Our relationships and food

A long time ago, I had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful people. They were our next-door neighbors who became like family to me. He always had a smile and humor that was delivered with a straight face. And she always have the news and facts in her finger tips. I used to have them over for meals and I would sit and listen to their stories of when they lived in New York and Wisconsin, or when she was a 2nd grade teacher till she retired. I was just learning to cook and bake, and I often send cookies and cakes over to them. After we moved from that area, they would bring me to restaurants whenever I was in town, and they kept me informed about the old neighborhood. Even though we only lived next to each other for seven years, we kept our friendship through letters and phone calls through the years. Today, I thought of them fondly as I was baking my mango bread pudding. For more than a year now, they have both departed from this world, but I'll always treasure the memories of them...

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