Sunday, July 22, 2007

Strawberry Cantalope Soup

This summer heat is keeping me outdoors and away from my kitchen. Well, I am not protesting, not today anyway(ha!). Spend all day splashing by the pool with the kids, and didn't feel like making much in the kitchen when we got back into the house. So I made a quick sockeye salmon porridge using cooked rice, homemade chicken broth, and added some goji berries and bay scallops for extra flavor.Kids ate it all up and wanted "soup" (they said, pointing to the cantalope sitting on the kitchen counter, so I made a refreshing Strawberry (that I had in the fridge) and Cantalope Soup with some creme fraiche. After that, they headed straight for their naps. Joy!


Gen said...

Wah I see your cooking I lau nua )drooling) big time. :o) Thanks for coming by my blog. Well, you were asking about those fungus, what I know is that the black ones are used mainly for cooking while the white ones can be used for both cooking and desserts e.g. cheng tng.

The black ones are called Cloud Ear Fungus.

The white ones are snow fungus.

Anonymous said...

You are such a dear mommy - they wanted soup, pointing the cantalope and you made such a nice dessert for them. BTW, I like your salmon porridge - I made it almost the same way before, with tuna, edamame, and goji, very comforting to eat :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

That's one refreshing "soup"! I like how you decorated it in a cup, looks real pretty.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Gen!
Thanks for stopping by with the info. When I read "White Cloud Ear" in Chinese on your blog, I wasn't thinking snow fungus (mommy brain!)

Hi Tigerfish!
Thanks! I was trying to avoid tantrums. Ha! Great idea making the porridge with edamame! Got to try that next time.

Hey C!
Haha! I put it in a glass so that they can use a straw to drink up the soup! :)