Monday, July 09, 2007

My Favourite Food is.....

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I have successfully avoided being tagged till now, and J at Grandmother's Stories got me on this tag. Thanks girlfriend! LOL! Now I have to figure out who to tag next...What I did was draw two names from a hat and I do hope you don't hate me for this, ladies!

Little Corner of Mine

I love asian food. Be it indian curries, assam curries, soupy noodles, pad thai, stir-frys or steamed dishes, sushi or teppanyaki. It's so difficult to pin-point to one dish when there's so many to choose... But if I could only choose one, it's got to be dim sum(counts as a category, right?). And not just any dim sum. I missed the really good, freshly made ones that are almost near-perfect in their renditions of the standards found in Hong Kong (sooo good) and south-east asia like Singapore (Lei Garden) and Malaysia (HongKee Dim Sim). To me, dim sum is the perfect lunch. With so many different varieties served in little plates and bamboo steamers of delightful sweet and savory items such as suimai, char-siew pau, wu-kok, lotus-leaf sticky rice, egg custard, mango pudding etc, etc, etc...

I used to fly to San Francisco often to visit my extended family and friends and taste the wonderful dim sum that's widely available in that area. I have also enjoyed the sumptuous dim sum in Los Angeles and Richmond, Vancouver in the past, and I heard the local dim sum places here are stepping up in their standards (a little) lately too although I haven't tried the new ones yet. Now I am counting the days before my next trip to the Golden Gate City again...

Is there any great dim sum places by you that you'd like to share?

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Little Corner of Mine said...

I simply cannot say it often enough, you really need to go to SuperStar on Sat/Sun to try their dim sum! Maybe next time we can go together huh? ;)

Anonymous said...

You MUST come back to Singapore and try the new dim sum places with me! :)

WokandSpoon said...

Hiya, thanks for tagging...will get on it soon! Mmmmm...I love dim sum too!

Anonymous said...

Like they say, "There's always the first time".

Dim Sum, I like also, very much! In Melbourne, we called it 'yum char'. We always order, siew mai, har gow, fong chow, har cheong fun, tripes, wu kok, hum suey kok, lobak ko and the list goes on and on for some tham chiak people!

Melbourne's dim sum are known to be even better than Hong Kong. In London, there is a restaurant that serves dim sum and on their door, it advertises, "As good as Melbourne's dim sum".

Thanks for doing this tag, really appreciate it. God bless.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hey C! Yes! Let's meet there soon! :)

Hi San.y, will take you up on that!

Hi Wokandspoon,
Thanks for being such a good sport!

Hi Judy,
OOO! I like 'yum char' too! Must go to Melbourne or London now! :)