Friday, June 29, 2007

Does this sound familiar?

This was forwarded to me from Bel, and I thought I'd share this funny note from her. Not an ounce of truth in it at all, right ladies? For those of you that read chinese, I had edited the english portion a little and intentionally omitted some parts that I think is good to be 'lost in translation.'

随便 (Whatever)

男:今天 晚上咱们吃什么?

Man: What are we having for dinner?


Woman: Whatever..


Man: Why don't we have steamboat?


Woman: Don't want steamboat


Man: Alright, why not we have Si Chuan cuisine

女:昨天刚吃的川菜,今天又吃 .......

Woman: Just had that yesterday


Men: Hmm..... I suggest we have seafood


Women: Don't want seafood


Men: Then what you suggest?


Women : Whatever..

Funny thing is I always know what I want for dinner, but the family don't necessary agree with my choices...


A Mature Student said...

Hahaha, do you think this is typical of women?
If it is, then I must be the odd one out. I have no problems suggesting what to eat. Food, any food will do! :))

Little Corner of Mine said...

For me, whatever I suggested most of the times he would say no. So ended out now I always answered whatever because eventually he will go to the place he wanted to eat! Thus, I really don't see a point of asking me, but yet he will ask.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi J, I don't think it's typical, but yet we women are a complicated group, arn't we? :)

Hey C, he ask because he wants to hear your picks first leh! ;)

Anonymous said...

hehehe... my better half is the same as the other half of little corner of mine. :p

Anonymous said...

Hahhaha...I think that woman is looking for a dish by the name of "随便"'s why all the other suggestions do not appeal to her.

wonda said...

THIS IS TYPICAL OF MY HUSBAND!! Coincidentally, it just happened before I read this post. I asked him what he wanted for lunch just now.
Me : So Mian? (cold mee suah eaten by Japanese)
Hubby: No,if you are going to use the leftover so mian from yesterday.
Me: How about onigiri? (triangle rice cake filled with bits of salmon)
Hubby: No, don't want that.
Me: Then ochazuke? (rice with salmon, pickled plum and green tea pour over it)
Hubby : No. Don't feel like eating anything.
So in the end, I cooked hot mee suah (Chinese style using the leftover mee suah from yesterday). Guess what? He ate it up! Wasted my energy asking him what he wanted to eat. My hubby doesn't take leftover food unless it is his favorite. So my son and I are the "ricebin" (pooi tang)!