Sunday, June 17, 2007

Party Weekend

Marilyn and family came and brought some lovely roses from her garden on Sat. Thanks Marilyn!
The kids had a blast playing with the inflatable bouncer for most of the day, and it wore me out in just 5 mins of jumping, hopping and bouncing!
Made a salt encrusted Prime Rib dinner for 8 on friday night.

Tried a blueberry version of panna cotta for dessert, and it was good!
We had a great time with Pat and her friend Al on Friday. Thanks everyone for your gifts and well wishes for the weekend get together.

For the Prime Rib Roast, I used the recipe here from texas beef, and it worked wonderfully.


WokandSpoon said...

The blueberry pannacotta came out really well! It's so pretty ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bouquet of roses! I would too if I have that inflatable bouncer to play with :) Your prime rib and Blueberry Panna Cotta looks great. Bravo!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Birthday to your girls!! :)

Evy sure missed that bouncer, how fun!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Thanks wokandspoon!

Thanks cooking ninja!

Thanks C! We missed Evy too!

Lee Ping said...

Was it your twin daughter's birthday? I love fresh flowers from friend's garden. They lasts longer than the ones that I buy from the stores. The roses are very beautiful.

I have not tried salt encrusted prime rib but the blueberry Panna Cotta looks good.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Lee Ping,
Yes. Thanks. Will add the recipes for the prime rib and blueberry panna cotta soon.:)