Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Got Gouqi?

Gouqi berries, goji berries, or wolfberry are all the rage recently for decreasing risk in several illness and improving health. So I bought a bag of dried gouqi berries from Wholefoods yesterday, and it's sitting on my island like a beacon, calling me to make something fun out of it. I was admiring the little almond shape berries this morning and thinking what to make with it so that my little eaters will readily consume it without picking out the red berries. I had often add a few of this mildly sweet berry in chicken soups as it adds a mild sweetness to the broth. Mom used it in most of our daily soups growing up, and I remembered grandma telling me to drink up my soup as the goji berries were suppose to be good for improving eyesight. Later I found out from my auntie Stella that these berries also enhance immune system function, protect the liver, and improve circulation. Oh, and also something about increasing sperm count. Nothing about increasing breasts size, but something about decreasing the chances of breast cancer. Seemed like a miracle berry, I guess.
My wonderful, healthly girlfriend Kathryn in California told me that she simply snack on these berries or make 'goji tea' (spelled that way here). Then I came across 'gouqi coffee' (spelled that way in China) at the asian market in San Francisco sometime ago. What would entice MY kids to eat this, I thought. Maybe I can wash and soak some, puree it, and add it to their popsicles? Bake a batch of goji muffins? Or goji cookies? I'll have to put this in the back burner till next week.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was quite surprised that we can eat them like snacks too. I tried it with boiling water on these berries but it didn't have much flavour or taste. Perhaps it might have a greater taste brewing it with dried longgan.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

My girlfriend adds a little sugar to her goji tea, but I like your idea of adding them to the longan tea!

WokandSpoon said...

I've never heard of the goji berries! Can you only get them from health food shops?

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi wokandspoon,
Yes you can.

Big Boys Oven said...

I use them a lot on my daily cooking

Anonymous said...

I have a pack at home too! You can also use it when you steam or stir fry vegetables. I steam these goji with shitake and baby bok choy before. So sweet!

Now I need to try the tea thingy!

Gogi always known to be good for the "eyes".

East Meets West Kitchen said...

big boys oven,
Thanks, I'll start adding it to my meals.

Like your tips too. Thanks!

Lee Ping said...

Whole foods sells Gouqi? I thought "Keki" is only in Chinese grocery or Herbal shops.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Lee Ping,
Yes they do! They have it in the dried fruit section.

Little Corner of Mine said...

My in-laws eat it fresh too. They put it in a container on the coffee table and just snack on it.

I still prefer mine in soup. :P

Anonymous said...

Just want to say 'Thanks' for stopping by my site.

Lee Ping said...

Dried fruit section. OK. Thanks!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi C,
I like them in soups too!

Cooking Ninja,
I enjoyed your site, and you're welcome!

Lee Ping,
Forgot to mention that it is in the bulk bin area. Hope that helps.