Friday, March 30, 2007

Salted Eggs

Tried this salted egg recipe found in Lily's blog here, and it came out pretty good. Usually made with duck eggs, this recipe uses the commonly found chicken eggs. The eggs were coated in alcohol, and covered heavily in table salt. After which they were placed in a ziplock bag in the fridge for 20 days. I was a bit 'gan-cheong', and tried the saltish eggs on the 16th day. While the egg white was saltish enough, the egg yolk was a little soft. Tried it again yesterday (after 22 days), and the eggs were tasty and much, much better than the overly salty commercial ones found at the asian market. Traditionally cooked like an hard-boil egg and served with chinese plain porridge as an accompliment, it can also be incorporated in other recipes. My aunt used to mix minced pork with the salted egg whites, sesame oil and soy sauce and steam it with the salted egg yolks on top. Tried to duplicate her recipe, and the kids liked the flavors of the pork in this dish.
Used 1 lb. of minced pork, sesame oil, cornstarch, soy sauce and 2 egg whites. Mixed it together and place the egg yolks on top. Steam for 10-15 mins, or until the pork is cooked thru. Pour a little hot chicken broth on top of it, and serve with rice and steamed peas.

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Anonymous said...

Homemade salted eggs? Hope you didn't eat the yolks! haha! Good job!