Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arizona Grapefruits

Went out of town for a short trip to visit my wonderful in-laws, and to spend a long weekend for MIL's birthday. The kids had a fun visit with grandpa and grandma, and we got to do christmas, birthdays and they even received early easter bunnies on this trip! However, I left my camera behind, and all I took of this trip was these wonderful grapefruits that MIL gave us from uncle Bill, aunt Kathy, uncle Bob and aunt Linda backyards. It was the first time the kids met Cher, uncle Bill and aunt Kathy, and everyone had a great time. Unfortunately we missed aunt Linda on this trip. The kids also got to meet Paul and Connie, and Paul and Maggie this time, and we had the grand tour of the different Arizona homes. We had a great visit, and a calm, scenic, and fast return trip as the kids were ready to be home in the end.

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