Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fish Story

Caution!!! This is not food related, and this is not IKAN BILLIS!!!LOL!

Was online with B. this morning and discussing my other hobby. Yes! I have fish babies! I managed to separate the big-bellied mommy fish into a breeding tank last night, and she had babies this morning. Removed mom from the tank so that she doesn't eat her babies. My girlfriend S. said this is good luck for CNY. LOL! The above is a picture of the little live swordtail fish babies! What am I gonna do with all these fishes now! Can you count how many baby fishes are there?


Anonymous said...

How neat! They kinda look like tapoles! Happy 15th night!

Little Corner of Mine said...

So cute! Wow, you really have a lot of babies swordtail fishes. And you're only going to get more with the active papa swordtail!

Are you busy cooking for chap goh mei? Hehe...