Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pineapple and Banana Fritters

Saw the recipe for kuih kodok (malay fried banana fritters) in a cookbook, and decided to make a pineapple/banana version of it. Since the bananas that I had were too ripe for my family's liking, and not ripe enough for banana bread, I decided to add some crushed pineapples in the recipe to moisten the batter, and made it as a fun snack for the kids. Ingredients included self-raising flour, sugar, and salt. Also used baking soda, so that the deep fried fritters would puff up nicely. Served plain, with icing sugar, or/and yogurt ice cream for a snack after playing at the park.


Anonymous said...

Yours don't look like the ugly toad (translated), more of a cute little fritter than kuih kodok.

East Meets West Kitchen said...