Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY Bakes

It's Chinese New Year's eve, and I am finally done with my last batch of cookies. It has been a fun experience, especially the pineapple tarts since my 'Martha Stewart' side (rarely seen) started making different shapes of it. LOL! Yippee! Hooray! Gan-Pei! Now onward to dinner preparations.

Here's some of the bakes besides the fatt goh and the nian gao posted earlier.


Little Corner of Mine said... kuih lapis!! you have to come to the Springs party because I want to eat your kuih lapis. :P

Pei fu! pei fu! You really bakes a lot!

The piggy pineapple tarts are so cute.

East Meets West Kitchen said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been really busy. I see your pineapple tarts are really nice, the pig shape is very creative.


East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks! Got carried away with pineapple tarts cause family loves them.:)

Alpineberry Mary said...

Looks like you've got the entire repertoire of goodies for CNY. Happy New Year!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Mary,