Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tale of 9 Fishies

Was running errands, and trying to find little lanterns for the kids to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a perfect time of year to indulge on mooncakes. I wasn't going to any lengths for this festival in particular, as I just wanted a to snap a few shots of the kiddos holding the lanterns so I could add to the zillion pictures I'll someday put into a scapebook. But that's another story for another time.

So, back to the fishes. You see, for this year's mooncake festival, it's more of a fun escapade for me to make mooncakes from scratch. A little challenge I gave myself, and one that I'm still working on it during my non-existent spare time. While attempting to do Cantonese mooncakes which have a crust made of flour, thick mooncake syrup, lye water, and oil, I recalled one of my childhood favorite, the "G-Zai Bang" in cantonese, which are little fish or piglet cookies that are usually found alongside the mooncakes. These chewy cookies come with or without fillings, and are encased in a basket made of plastic to make them more authentic. These days, they come in a array of wonderful packaging and designs, although the piglet is still a favorite for many. I love munching on them as a kid, and decided that I would make some for my young-ens. So here are the 9 fishies I baked with red bean fillings today. There were no piglet mold in sight. (Alas!) It's a good thing I kept that little fish mold. Right, Bel?


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

The cookies were nice, not too sweet, and chewy....LB