Monday, October 16, 2006

Ginger Honey Salmon

Grilled, broiled, baked, steamed, battered and fried, salmon is my choice of fish. And, with the different selections of farm vs wild, Pacific vs Atlantic, and such variaties as Chinook, Coho, Copper River, Sockeye, etc., it's a feast for a salmon lover like me!
Made ginger honey salmon for my in-laws during their short stay with us. Hubs, whose not a salmon fan, even tried a bite with his special meal. It's salmon filets with pin bones removed, glazed with honey, ginger, cilantro, chipotle chillies, garlic, and soy sauce, then broiled till salmon is just opaque. Once it looks flaky, you will have overcooked it. It had a sweet, smoky and spicy taste that everyone enjoyed. Served with brown rice and roasted vegetables on the side. Received this recipe from a friend. Thank you R.


Anonymous said...

Made this, it's very good.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy yummy!