Friday, October 06, 2006

Autumn Colors and Shepherd Pie

Fall. For a little someone I know, it's a sign of hot, long, lazy summer days coming to a bitter-sweet end, and the dreaded days of school exams at the Coors Event Center. For me, it's a new season of must-watch TV, and pumpkin galore and holidays around the corner. I see the signs of fall in my garden when my huge tomatoe plants finally shriveled up while still trying to hold on to a few small buds. They have given me many a good harvest this summer, but sadly they will be heading for the trash, together with all the potted annuals that gave beauty to the front pouch the last 4 months. As I replaced the summer plants with pumpkins and chrysanthemums, I took a moment to capture the wonderful colors of fall in my backyard...

Today, I wanted Shepherd's Pie. It seemed appropriate, after a day of 'fall' cleaning and kid's activities. It's a great, simple one-dish meal for cool nights and filled with wonderful mashed potatoes, left-over lamb, and vegetables. It's also kid-friendly.
As promised, this is for you Anne. I found this recipe on the web from Scott Kleinman at, and had tried it once before. My variation has celery and corn added to his fast and easy recipe. Enjoy!

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thanks for the recipe :)