Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Northern Indian Feast in 2 Continents

This is a restaurant that Hubs always frequent whenever he visits Singapore, and it's a Northern Indian Restaurant called Shahi Maharani (thanks to Cooking Ninja for helping me remember the full name of that restaurant cause all I remembered was something Maharani), and situated in Raffles City on the 3rd level. So, when he was in that city for a couple of days to aid in the transportation of our kids and I back to winterland, I had to treat him to this place for dinner on our last night in Singapore.
He had his usual of Tandoori Chicken (which he placed another order after enjoying the first), Korma Shrimp, Basmati Rice and loads of Cheese Naan, Garlic Naan and Plain Naan. The kids loved the Basmati rice and I enjoyed my Vindaloo lamb.

After we came back to winterville, Hubs mentioned that he would like northern indian food for dinner, so I bought some pappadum, made some Vindaloo beef. Used this recipe,changed the meat to beef and added carrots and peas. Also cooked it on the stove top instead of crockpot. Served with non-spicy korma chicken, samosas, and coconut basmati rice. It sure did spice up a cold, chilly night!


tigerfish said...

Heee.....I think Sunnyvale pampered me too much on Indian food to the extent that when I visited S'pore-I did not go for Indian food! But I think TW will completely deprive me of Indian food, so the next time I return to Sg, I need to have my fix! I din even know this rest. -Shahi Maharani.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, you made so much, with korma chicken and samosas too? Where the spread picture?

SIG said...

That's gorgeous. Must try Shahi some time. Beau, too, went to a lovely one and that is also on my 'to try' list.