Tuesday, February 12, 2008

East Point Singapore

I didn't even know about East Point till my friend brought us there, and the kids had a blast. I was reminded that this place used to be where the chalets were, and it has a mega indoor gym for kids, resturants, and more kids stuff. I have a great time at the Thai restaurant over there, but the most memorable item for me was the olive rice and the red ruby. Maybe because the rest of the pictures were blury. ha!This claypot olive rice was very good, although you can't really see the rice below all the toppings.
The tung hoon was a little salty, pandan chicken was juicy, and my favorite is the red ruby above.
Then we went to the huge kid's gym where it was around S$8 per child for an hour's play. They all have to be shoeless, and socks required. The kids went for the ball pit for toddlers, and they were the only ones there for 10 mins.
They loved the car ride, and did that for 3 rounds.
And their favorite was the merry-go-round where they went on for 6 times. I could'nt see straight afterwards!

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