Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monsoon rain at Singapore Zoo

For some Chinese, having rain or water also means having more money, hence most Chinese businesses have a water feature by the door of their business or home to welcome the water element and increase their money luck. That's what I learn from a good friend many moons ago. So if that's the case, I must be a billionaire, cause it rained everyday when we were in Singapore, and of course that faithful day when we were at the award-winning Singapore Zoo. To our surprise, the zoo was crowed with lots of kids that day too. Must be the school holidays. Bought some ponchos for the girls, but that didn't help much. We were soaked, but none of us seemed to mind it. The orang utans were the only ones who's smart enough to seek shelter from the rain. The other animals who seemed to enjoyed the rain were the rhinos, hippos, zebras, gibbons, tigers and lions, including a pair of stunning white tigers that had their front paws crossed and were posing majestically next to each other in the rain and suddenly became very attentive to us when they eyed my little ones squeaking in delight "White Tiger!" That's when I got hold of my kids' hands, gradually backed away from the empty viewing area, and decided it was time to get out of the rain and head to drier indoors, like that beautiful cool, marbled floors of mega shopping centers.

Didn't take much on food pics as we stopped at a KFC for lunch, much to the delight of the kids.

Another friend brought us to the Zoo again (must be because of my kids mentioning zoo a zillion times when we were there), and it was a nice hot day that time. Thanks Jessie and Ivy for spending the whole day with us, Jessie for the KFC treat that time, and Ivy for more pretty umbrellas for the kids, and both for watching the kids while I ran over to Taka for an errand while you babysat the kids during their nap.

Also, thank you gf Anne for driving us to the zoo, Ikea, East Point, and everywhere in Singapore in the midst of traffic and rain, and sharing your time with us. And not forgetting your lovely Jay for entertaining us with his quick wit and boyish charm! Also for introducing me to Hakka Yong tau foo at Thompson Road. I didn't get good pictures of the food, but this is the picture of the stall front.She also brought us to the Selatar Reservior area to watch the monkeys.

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Beau Lotus 涟 said...

Ah you brought them to the zoo! I didn't bring mine and they've been complaining about it since. I'll have to find some kind friend to bring Eldest Son there when he's back in Singapore during the Summer...