Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bacon-Lettuce,Tomatoe & Guacamole Sandwich

I realized that it's not a good idea for me to be home alone. With the kids in school, I migrated to my old routine of multi-tasking. Like cleaning with the Food Network channel instead of the Noggin channel or the Disney channel.

And for some strange unexplainable reason, I tend to end up in the kitchen nippling on fruit or standing infront of the refrigerator. My kitchen is the magnetic field and I'm the drawn to it. So, my lunch today was my favorite bacon-lettuce-tomato-gaucamole sandwich. Why? Because I saw a package of bacon sitting in the chiller and decided to cook it all up. Why? Because I'm only human, and I love bacon! And maybe I shouldn't watch cooking shows at 10 am.

4 slices toasted bread
6 tbs Gaucomole
12 slices cooked bacon
6 slices tomato
3 lettuce leaves
2 tbs Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

Spread toast with guacamole, then layer remaining ingredients. Cut in half and serve.

Makes 2 BLTG or one big one!

Note: Equally good with sliced red onions, maple flavored bacon, applewood smoked bacon or/and peppered bacon. Oooooo! BACON!


Little Corner of Mine said...

This is a yummy lunch! I love everything you put in there.

daphne said...

oh dear, I hope I didnt double post but blogger screen went blank on me.

hey, dont be too hard on yourself. It has been a challenging week-with the girls in school and all that, so why not a bacon sandwich to indulge? You deserve it!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Ooooh, count me in as a fellow bacon-lover. :)

Anonymous said... TV is on when I wake up first thing in the morning. Then I fold and hang a huge pile of clothes while watching TV. I used to watch Food Network a lot but now less...cos too many repeats!!! That's for a person like me who watch too much TV :O

WokandSpoon said...

Those BLTG sandwiches look great! hehe - I'm like that too. when I'm home by myself, I nibble and nibble on anything and everything!!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hey C,
Hehe! Thanks! I raid the fridge.

Hey Daphne,
Thanks! Not having my kids around is killing my waistline!

Hi Wandering Chopsticks,
Yay! There's nothing quite like bacon!

Hi Tigerfish,
I am now just catching up on those food shows, but it always makes me hungry!

Hi Wokandspoon,
Thanks! I should put a lock on my fridge and pantry! :)

Cynthia said...

Maybe, maybe, maybe... go ahead, you watch your 10 a.m. show and fry that bacon (lol), call me and I'll come join you :)

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Cynthia,
LOL! OK! The house does smell good after cooking bacon. Come on over! :)

Beau Lotus 涟 said...

I love bacon too and I'm not a cow so I'll just have a bacon sandwich minus the leaves and tomatoes :-).
Great looking sandwich and sounds like a balanced diet anyway and wish I have raspberries now, haven't been seeing much of them around here. Also wish I have cooking shows to watch!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Beau Lotus,
LOL! You're funny!
We still have lots of raspberry here, although they are not as good as when they were in peak season.

Cris said...

You know what, you are so great with sandwiches! My husband and I loved the waffle sandwich, ok, the kids were outside playing and had eaten before the day I made them, so only the oldest one got to try. I want to try this one too!!!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Cris,
Haha! I love sandwiches, and when I try I good one, I just have to share. :)