Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Watermelon Wobba-Monster Fun

Drying, strong, and chilly wind came knocking today, with weather-changing from relatively warm and sunny yesterday to blistery cold winds and cloudy skies. A gentle reminder and a preview of winter ahead, without the moisture and snow. That, and preschool are hard on little ones. One of my kids had developed some cold sores, and the pediatrician suggested giving her watermelon and Popsicles to help keep her hydrated since she's not eating. I called the preschool to tell them that my kids are not going to be at school and heard that there are a number of kids with cold sores this season.

Anyway, I found a seedless watermelon at the store yesterday and made this fun little snack for the kids. One kid had only watermelon, the other loved green seedless grapes and tangerines, and I had all the raspberries. I couldn't figure out what I was creating when I went cutting into that watermelon, and I guess I needed something to cheer up the gloomy, grey skies today.


Big Boys Oven said...

look so cute, it is a great idea to have so deco on our food as it really brighten uop the day. yesterday we were having supper with steven at his place, he dish out a champange ribs and this dish came with a gold fish make from cucmber and tomato. it is so cute.

SIG said...

Where do you get the time to do all this??? Haha.

Unknown said...

Hahaha ... This is so cute! Nice work!

wonda said...

So cute! I don't mind going on a fruit diet.

Cris said...

Awesome!!! Beautiful, my kids love this picture! I remember how dry it is there...

Little Corner of Mine said...

How cute and I bet it was fun to create this!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Big Boys Oven,
Thanks! And your dinner and the cucumber gold fish sounds fun!

Hi Singairishgirl,
Haha! I was playing...

Hi Wokkingmum,
Thanks! It was fun!

Hi Alice,
Hehe! Me too!

Hi Cris,
Yes, it's been dry. Thanks!

Hey C,
Thanks! And it was!

daphne said...

u r so creative!!! man, that looks so pretty!

Beachlover said... so rajin one...creative and colorful platter!!...hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

so cute!! very creative! Hope that ur girl is feeling better.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Oh my! This is way too cute! I'm glad you and the girls are back home safe and sound!

Indonesia Eats said...

Wow so creative, cute

tigerfish said...

Wobba for Wobbat?
Well, it looks like one.:p

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Daphne,

Hi Beachlover,
Things I do to get my kids to eat lah! LOL!

Hi Blurmommy,
Thanks! Her cold sores are almost gone, and I know now to apply meds on her as soon as it appears.

Hi Wandering Chopsticks,
Thanks! I'm glad to be home, but will be traveling again soon. :S

Hi Andaliman,

Hi Tigerfish,
Haha! Wobba-Wobbat,Wobbaluba!