Thursday, November 01, 2007

Catering to the Masses

It was a fun Halloween yesterday. The kind of PG-rated fun that normally went with little kids. We saw fairies, firefighters, penguins, cheerleaders, bumble bees, lots of cowboys, characters from star wars, minnie mouse, dinosaurs and a farmer. Cute costumes. My kids were still coughing, but their pediatrician assured that they weren't contagious anymore. Went to Hubs workplace for an express treat or trick after the kids' naps, and alot of the cubicles were decorated and the staff in awesome costumes. I didn't have my camera with me when we were at the offices upstairs, and later ran to the car to grab it for one shot our friends in their cool costumes in the offices on the main level.

Then we rushed back home to greet trick or treaters who came knocking from 6.30 pm til 10 pm. That's when we saw some of the strangest costume. Among the kids dressed as the killer from the movie SCREAM, knights and cats were kids in teenagers costumes (they were in street clothes) and a lady in her 30's who rang the doorbell, slided her mask down and extended her plastic bag for candy without saying a word. I thought that was an ingenious way to fix that sweet-tooth of hers. The funny thing was that most of the kids and that lady don't even live in the neighborhood. There were cars dropping off loads of kids who went from door to door to get candy. There were also my favorite sight to see which were kids who rang the doorbell with their parents beside them or at the sidewalk waiting for them. Those kids got double candy from me. It was an interesting night, and I have sugar HIGH. Will be sending the remaining candies to work with Hubs so that I can get it away from me, especially the KitKats and anything chocolate. Hope you all had a fun Halloween?


SIG said...

Oh gosh, I have so many cadies and chockies I don't know how to get rid of them. Not sure if hubs wants to take them into work. Glad to know kids are better. Hang in there!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yeah, lots of fun. Evy got a pumpkin fulled of candies too! But this year, we also have toys instead of candies.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Singairishgirl,
Thanks...I usually give hubs the candies the day after Halloween as they will be consumed by his staff and not by me. LOL!

Hey C,
Yeah, they got some toys too, but I took it away from them so that I have some surprises for them when they're fussing in the car. :)