Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chinese Braised Beef with Noodle Soup 牛肉麵

All over south-east asia, there are variations of beef noodle soups, and I love them all. From the fragrant and flavorful Vietnamese pho with slices of flank steak (I always order extra meat) to the Taiwanese beef noodles.

The one that I remembered from my childhood had a rich, dark soup that was full of flavors from garlic, bean paste, soy sauce, rice wine, star anise and cinnamon. Then there was the popular and tasty beef ball noodles at the Scotts food court in Singapore. I wonder if they are still there?

Tried making this using a crockpot, and the star-anise flavors did shine through this dish.

I browned the beef and placed in the crock pot. Then I added soy sauce, water, garlic with skins intact, star anise and a piece of cinnamon. Also added a tsp of hot bean paste, bean paste, and sugar. Left it in the crock pot for 5 hours on low. Strain liquid and thicken with cornstarch.In a pot, blanch vegetables in boiling water and remove. In the same pot, add noodles and cook til al-dente. In a bowl, add soy sauce, sesame oil, and white pepper. Add in noodle, vegetable, beef and scallions. Serve immediately.


KellytheCulinarian said...

What a nice combo, it covers all the food groups.

Anonymous said...

I love braised beef noodles too. One is the S'pore style (or rather "scotts food court" or "hock lam street" -style noodles, and another will be those HK-Canto braised beef(with daikon) noodles. Yummy!

Retno Prihadana said...

Yummm..U make me drooling. Nice shots too!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Kelly,
LOL! Yes, it did, didn't it? ;) Thanks!

Hi Tigerfish,
I knew you would come through for me! I forgot about hock lam street. Thanks!

Hi Retno Prihadana,
Thanks! :)

WokandSpoon said...

This looks so good!! I could do with a big plate right now!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Feel like having some now. :P

Indonesia Eats said...

Looks so good.. I wish I was your neighbor and would come over to have those ^_^

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Wokandspoon,
OK! Come over! ;)

Hi Judy,
Come on over! ;)

Hi Andaliman,
OK! You, Wokandspoon and Judy come over dinner? I'll set the table! ;)

daphne said...

the beef looks rather tender. I love a good braised beef noodles and looking at yours just brought back lovely memories! yummy stuff!!!! admire your patience in making this too!

Home Cooking said...

can i join as well for the dinner plz hehehe...
very yummy, makes me drooling over.

wonda said...

Your noodles look more tempting and delicious than my Hiyashi Chuuka! Let's exchange.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Daphne,
Thanks! I was down memory lane too, and decided to make this dish. :)

Hi Isha,
Sure! The more, the merrier! ;)

Hi Wonda,
LOL! Okay! But I'm sure yours is much better leh! :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy leh, only I live closer right? ;)

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hey C,
Yeah loh! :)

Anonymous said...

*HAPPY FIRST BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!* and on such a special day, too! I have a very dear friend in Singapore. Every time I read the word, my heart skips a beat! LOL! NERD I know!

About that Household Management Binder~I found a blog that tells ALL ABOUT how to make one, step by step, and then you just make it to suit YOU. Please forgive me though~two in toddlerhood makes it extremely difficult IMO, even with a binder!

Need I share that I just started the binder and have it because I'm a SLOB?

(((((HUGS))))) sandi

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Sandi,
Thanks! The words Singapore and a few other cities does the same for me too. :)
And thank you for the binder info, I'm in dire need of some organizing and order! LOL!

Lia said...

really am craving noodles now!!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Lia,
It's easy to do, and can use instant noodle too! ;)

Anonymous said...

This looks yummy. I would love to try making it but the recipe is too vague for an amature cook like myself. Which cut of beef is best to use and what are the quantities of the other ingredients? Thanks!

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks for dropping by. I used a piece of chuck roast that's commonly avaiable here. No exact measurements on this recipe as I was trying it out for the first time, but will tweak it when I make it again. Email me if you have further questions. :)