Sunday, December 03, 2006

Honey Baked Ham Fried Rice

The weather was very cold on Saturday and Sunday (about 14 degrees F on Saturday, and 20 degrees F on Sunday, and we were out doing errands when we spotted a familar store while driving to our destination. It was the Honey Baked Ham store! We looked at each other, and laughed as we both agreed that it was a stop we had to make. So, we bought a 'small' ham that would feed 6-8 people, and it was almost impossible not to dig into it before we got home.My family loves honey baked ham, and we usually have it on Easter. After ham sandwiches, ham and cheese omelettes, and ham, crackers and olives snacks, I made ham fried rice, and ham and cheese scones (recipe coming up).
Made this fried rice using onions, fried garlic chips, green beans, eggs, salt and pepper.

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