Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let it Snow Beef Curry

It had been drizzling rain/snow since noon, and finally turned to snow around 4 pm today. It's snowing outside, and the little side street is covered with fresh snow that's on top of the last snow we received a week ago. The deciduous tree in front of the house is covered with snow and frost and glittered as the wind sways it's branches. As I sit here with my lap top, I'm still in awe of winter after so many years. Can't wait to go out tomorrow to make snow queens (yes, with tiaras too!) and snow angels with the kids. But for now, everything is so quiet and utterly beautiful...

For dinner earlier this evening, I decided to make curry to spice up the taste buds after ham and turkey dinners for the holidays. Had two chuck roasts sitting in the fridge, and I used one for a regular pot roasts for the kids, and the other for a curry pot roast. Both were seasoned and browned in a dutch oven, and I added the curry paste and broth in one crockpot. Just before serving, I added the coconut milk and simmered for ten minutes. Both pot roasts were fork tender when it was time to chow, and I served them with veggies on the side. Everyone enjoyed it and it always warms my heart to see empty plates and happy faces after any meal.

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