Saturday, April 28, 2007

Buns Buns Buns

Had a hankering for filled buns lately. In asia, one can easily find these little buns filled with all sorts of fillings for an easy snack. It's easy 'finger food' for the kids, and I made some with candied coconut, Nutella, and a ham with cheese. Also made some with sweet white bread, and used the red bean filling. Tried a variety of recipes from making dough in the breadmaker to buying frozen bread dough from the supermarket, thawing and filling it with ingredients. The best results were the dough knead and prove in the breadmaker. I think it's because the recipe asked for more sugar, and the buns came out sweeter. Also used some ovalette that a blogging friend had graciously given me some time ago. It does help keep the bread soft for a longer period of time. Thanks L and C for your inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Nice buns! I'm sure the princesses enjoyed them. -san.y